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September 5, 2016

New Zines!

It's me, Philippe, your unbiased reporter. The weather today: rad zines rain from the sky in high quantities. Two, to be exact.

Motivation 1 & 2
Did you enjoy my abstract angst auto-bio comic, Motivation? No? Would you enjoy it more as a collection of 2 kick-ass PDFs? No? Screw you.
Buy Motivation 1 & 2 here for only a buck.

Wizard-Induced Visions
What about something meatier, my friend? Something like 31 pages of fantasy drawings done for the Wizard War 2016 drawing challenge? Something that includes bugbear bellhops, the terrifying mage Milk & Cookies, and the volcano spider's den?
Buy Wizard-Induced Visions here for, once again, a buck.

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