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December 1, 2016

Pre-Order The Bad Stew Book!

That's right, the Bad Stew book is finally happening! I'm really excited about it. The first 13 issues are collected here in a glorious 6"x8.5" black and white book with a matte color cover. It's thick, too, clocking in at 184 pages.
And it's cheap, too: $12 plus $3 shipping ($15 total).
If you want a copy, I'd highly recommend pre-ordering it now from my brand-spanking-new online shop. This will ensure that you get book in time for the holidays, plus you'll also get a Bad Stew button and a 4.5"x6" drawing. I will probably get more copies of the book after I fulfill all pre-orders, but it may take a couple of months, so why wait?
There are also some prints in the shop, if you're into that.

So, check out my online shop at:

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