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December 2, 2017

Bad Stew: No Clear Omen

I'm printing a new book of comics this month! 160 pages, full of comics from the past year of everyone's favorite one man comics anthology. Here's the cover:
"You’ve travelled a long way to hear the guru’s words. Listen carefully: 
A lead guitarist inadvertently sows discord within her punk band in a desperate attempt to get famous. A reptilian follows the cryptic directions of a map hidden in his pizza pie. Two adventurers find their friendship tested amongst bugbear attacks and the impromptu adoption of an unconventional dungeon creature. A janitor’s first night on the job goes awry when his boss leaves him alone in “The Chainer’s Room”. 
Sounds great, no? You can pre-order it now here:
12 bucks plus shipping. Less if you also buy Bad Stew Volume One w/ it. Also I have original art for sale. Remember: Philippe doesn't have the means or reason to print very many copies, so pre-ordering is the only sure way to get this book into your hands. And he wants to get it into your grubby hands!
Email me if you have any questions. Love you!

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