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September 9, 2018


Things change. Priorities change.
As much as I love Bad Stew, limitations arise from a weekly schedule and the aim to collect the comics in a cohesive book.
I want to grow, and Bad Stew has definitely helped me with that. I would recommend to anyone wanting to get better at comics
or just art in general to do a weekly thing like this. But at this point, there are things I want to do that do not fit in the Bad Stew
form. And since time is limited, decisions have to be made.


A roadmap:
•Bad Stew is switching to a sporadic schedule, so some weeks you will get no new pages. That's life. I'd recommend

subscribing to the mailing list!
•The Catalyst will be completed. It's my longest story yet, it's very dear to me and I think you're gonna like how it all wraps up.
•After The Catalyst is completed, Bad Stew as a singular entity will be over. This past year of comics will be collected into a

third and final volume of comics.
•I am not sure what will happen to Bad Stew as a site. But whatever happens next, I will definitely post about it here so that you
all can migrate over!

Thank you to everyone who looks at or reads my stuff! It means a lot to me.

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