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Year One (The Monthlies):
Issue One
I might be a goat, a necromancer plans world domination, Bradbury lives again, and an adventurer finds untold riches in a dungeon.

Issue Two
Old man Michael, rumored to be a werewolf, is dead. Anthony and Gregory decide to dig up his body in the name of research. Also, my thoughts on pirating, and the existence of children.

Issue Three
My goat counterpart goes to hell, an old man hates halloween, and a woman has no face. It all ends with a bang.

A man witnesses racism. Jonathan returns from purgatory. The counterpart has a counterpart.

Year Two (The Weeklies Begin):

Year Three (in progress)

Vvorm's Meat

The Cranium Plead

Sorciers and Worse

Right to Passage

Petrini's Pizza

The Catalyst

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